2 simple ways to Treat Acne with Honey.

1- Aloe Vera with Raw Honey.

Aloe vera for acneWhy Aloe Vera with Raw Honey…..

treat acne honey.

Aloe Vera is just Amazing because, it has so many benefits for your skin.

Aloe Vera have many Healing properties mainly associated with skin problems like Inflammation, Acne and many others.

Raw honey found in Honeycombs. It is better to use raw Honey in skin treatment than regular honey that we use for eating purposes. You can find raw honey in market quiet easily.

When we mix Aloe Vera with Raw Honey it enhances the functionality of raw honey.

What you will need……

1- 1 Teaspoon of Aloe Vera Gel.

2- 1 Table of Raw Honey.

3- A small bowl.

Directions on usage……..

Mix both ingredients in small bowl.

And then apply the layer of mixture on your effected area.

After you apply this mixture it will felt like a mask.

Leave this mask for around 10-15 min.

Then Wash your Face with warm water and that’s it.

2- Fresh Lemon with Raw Honey.

Lemon with raw honey.Why Fresh Lemon with Raw Honey……

treat acne honey.
Lemon is a great natural Treatment for many skin problems.

For instance as we are discussing acne here, Lemon is a citric fruit so it has citric acid inside which helps to remove all dead skin cells and it heals your skin properly.

Lemon also has a benefit as natural remover of blackheads.

Lemon is also Great for giving your skin glow with healing.

When we apply lemon with raw Honey we will get dual natural Healing layer which helps to heal acne quickly without any side effects.

treat acne honey.
What you will need……

1- One fresh lemon.

2- 1 teaspoon raw Honey.

3- A small bowl.

Directions on usage……

Just take 1 teaspoon raw honey in a bowl. Then cut fresh lemon into two pieces.
And then squeeze it in the bowl containing raw honey.

Mix them properly. Apply it’s layer on effected area and leave it for 20 minutes.

After that time wash that layer with warm water and that’s about it.

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