All the impressive Health Benefits of Onion.

Onion plays a really important role in the Healthy Development of our Body really effectively.

Onion belongs to Genus Allium specie of vegetables which also contains Garlic as one of it’s member.

Central Asia was the land of origin for the Onions. But now they are cultivated in almost every region.

Also now our meals are incomplete without Onions which means they are part of our lives.

So, you need to have some important information about your daily consumed food like (Onions)

So let’s have a look at some of the most impressive Health benefits of Onion right after having them………..

1- Fantastic for Oral Care…..

This may seems not pleasant but chewing raw Onion for 2 or 3 minutes can be really amazing.
Garlic has really impressive anti-bacterial properties which kill germs and Harmful Bacteria inside your mouth.

Resulting in stronger teeth while protecting you from tooth decay which is a really big plus point for many people.
That being said you can use mouth frshner right after this process so u may not face bad Breathe issue.

2- Boosts your immune system’s Health….

If you Don’t know why that’s because Onions contain Vitamin-C inside which fight toxins and various Germs.
This process can stimulate your immune’s functions resulting in Boosting your immune system’s Health.

3-Natural treatment for Cancer…..

Onions are naturally blessed with all the anti-oxidants and active compounds that fight cancerous cells in our body.

While Vitamin-C inside Onions ensures the removal of free radicals in our body.
Free radicals are the main reason behind the production of Cancerous Cells so, Having Onions can cover that issue Effectively.

4- Improves Heart Health…..

When it comes to Heart Health Onions are Quiet amazing because they maintain your body’s blood pressure due to presence of quercetin.
This makes your Heart healthy and maintains your body’s blood pressure in a proper way.

5- Treat your acne and pimples with Onion…….

Onions are equipped with all the important anti-bacterial properties which fights pimple and acne germ really effectively.
You may ask how to do it and the Answer is…….

a-You need 1 tablespoon of onion juice extracted from raw onion.
b- 1 tablespoon of olive oil as well.
c- Mix them together to make a paste and directly apply on infected area of your face.
After you have applied the mixture wait minimum 15-20 minutes and wash it with fresh water.
And That’s it.

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