An Impressively Healthy Fruit Fig or Anjeer.

Figs are the part of mulberry tree a flowering plant specie usually found in Asia.
Although they are mostly cultivated in Asia but still there dried form can be found Anywhere in the world.
Figs are naturally blessed with almost all the Essential Healthy Qualities that makes them really special to Have.
There are various names of figs in various languages like…..
1- Anjeer in Hindi and Urdu.
2- Dumoor in Bengali.
3- Athi Pallu in Telugu etc.
Let’s Have a look at Figs nutrition value………
Figs are Really high in Energy value because, they contain lots of fiber contents inside.
When it comes to the minerals Availability, happily it would not disappoint you as they have………
1- Magnesium.
2- Copper contents.
3- Calcium.
4- Potassium as well.
That being said they do have some impressively Healthy vitamins presence as well…..
1- Vitamin A.
2- Vitamin E.
3- Vitamin K.
All of these vitamins contribute to provide you an Excellent Health platform.
Some impressive Health Benefits of Figs or Anjeer……..
1- Great and Healthy Digestive system with Figs……
Figs Contain Healthy Dietary fiber which overall improves your digestion and treats different kinds of diseases related with your digestive system.
Having Figs can also provides you relief from constipation woes   Anjeer
which is a real plus point for most of the people suffering from this issue.
2- Improves Heart Health…..
Figs promotes Great Heart Health with a special process.
Our Heart can be effected in number of ways but presence of triglycerides can really harms your Heart Health.
Having figs can reduces triglycerides level in our blood which minimize the chances of Heart diseases.
3- Fights Cancer…….

Having figs can fight against Cancer, a special and dangerous type of Cancer called Colon Cancer.
Having figs can wash out all the wastes from our body which Helps to reduce the chances of getting Colon Cancer.

4- Stronger Bones…….
Presence of Calcium and other Essential minerals makes sure that your bones Health is properly covered.
5- Figs benefits for skin…..
Figs consumption is Great for your Skin. Figs can Helps to reduces the wrinkles on your face.
That’s all due to the presence of  of Anti-oxidants which makes your skin looks Younger and Beautiful.
6- Healthy Hair Growth with Figs…….
Figs provides an amazing platform for your Hair’s Health and that all due to the presence of minerals and vitamins inside figs.
These important nutrients nourishes your Scalp from scratch which improves your Hair’s Health and Growth.
All these Qualities makes Figs a Real Delight………..So, i hope these Benefits and interesting information on figs Helps.
Thanks for Devoting your important time to our Topic Have a Great Day!

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