How to Start Working for the Redemptive Self

We can all work for the redemptive self through yoga practices, which will advance the mind and body so that we learn to forgive and to move on with our life. By practicing yoga, we can work for the redemptive self as well, since it enhances awareness and will lead us to discover the true self.

We all have made mistakes in our life doing some things wrong along our journey. We often feel trapped because good does not associate with bad. It doesn’t necessarily mean we are a bad person, it means that we are misinformed and confused in some areas. In addition, it means that we have held resentment and guilt, which may have lead to this behavior.

There is nothing wrong with forgiving self for wrong actions, yet one must realize that forgiveness only goes so far. If you continue to ask for forgiveness for the mistake and continuing making the mistake thinking that you will be forgiven, thus, you are practicing what is bad and for this, there is no forgiveness unless you repent of your ways and turn back from your transgressions.

We must strive to do what is right in order to enjoy peace of mind and true happiness. Doing what is right involves staying clear of wrong, which includes ungodly behaviors and actions, such as entertainment with violence, nudity, etc, adultery, hate, and so forth. What we put in our mind will come out later. Thus, you want to keep the mind and body pure as much as possible so that you do not build guilt, hate, and other negative feelings that push you to do what is wrong.

When one feels entrapped, it is difficult to discover that person’s needs. This person often feels empty inside. It is because the person is hindering the self from accomplishing self-development to relieve the redemptive self. For one to feel open to self-growth he must purge his guilt, hate, etcetera. Yoga is one of the best practices that offer us the ability to confess our sins and purge them into nothing.

For one to redeem self that entity must work toward self-discipline. Upon asking for forgiveness of his or her sin, thus this person will use self-discipline to avoid repeating the same mistake twice. Instead, because that person’s awareness has expanded, he or she will recognize temptation and walk away with pride.

Inculcating self-discipline takes routine practice. Another way to develop self-discipline involves accepting the consequences of your behavior. Of course, this is the hardest method to develop self-discipline, but if you continue to suffer for your wrongs in due, the time you will restrain yourself from doing what is bad. Natural self-discipline requires modification and practice.

By no means is self-development or building self-discipline easy, since it takes great effort and practice and you will fall on your face along the way, but your efforts and practice will ultimately pay you great rewards at the end of your mission.

This brings us to see we also need self-control and resilience to maintain throughout the process of self-development, but one thing for sure, it is proven that yoga will make it easy. Practicing yoga then builds self-control and self-resilience.

Our goal in life should be to identify self by bringing the mind and body into harmony so that they work in unison to assist us with maintaining good health and pure hearts.

Identify who you are will make you feel good about yourself. Thus, the ultimate reward from striving and continuing to strive toward self-development is pure happiness. Keep one thing in mind when you are working toward the redemptive self. Keep it simple!

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