Still Don’t Know the Benefits of Prenatal Yoga? Read On!

Who says that exercise has to stop when you get pregnant? In fact, you can help yourself and your unborn child if you continue. You may have to tone down your previous workout routine but that can be arranged.

Staying in shape during pregnancy has many benefits. First, labor and delivery are not as tough when you keep your body strong and your muscles in shape. Women are prone to hemorrhoids from the act of pushing out the baby. Some can suffer back pain because the baby’s growing body puts their body off balance.

Before you continue with your exercise regimen, consult your doctor. He may have some suggestions that will help you to manage your pregnancy better. If you are used to strenuous exercises, you will need to slow down as your pregnancy progresses.

Try prenatal yoga classes. Yoga has many benefits for a pregnant woman. Through a series of poses, your body becomes more flexible. This is good for you as your baby grows inside. More pliable muscles may prevent tears or an episiotomy during delivery.

Yoga teaches breathing techniques. As a mother about to go through birth, learning to breathe more efficiently is a good thing. It can also help you to focus on the moves and enhance the mind-body connection.

If you know nothing about yoga, look for classes that are specifically labeled as prenatal yoga classes. The teaching will take into account your condition and give you the most benefit from the exercise, without compromising the health of your baby.

Even if you don’t know how to perform any yoga poses, don’t shy away from joining the class. You can learn to love the movements and continue them after your baby is born. Each trimester, you will face new challenges to your yoga routine.

During the first trimester, you won’t have your growing abdomen to contend with. Here, the focus will be on listening to your breathing and your body. Hormonal changes, as well as mental changes, are happening.

Yoga is a great way to get in touch with that part of you. Resist the urge to go too fast. Only do as much as your body allows. Morning sickness can become an issue as well.

During the second trimester, your belly is beginning to show. The balance will be important now. Some of the poses will involve hip movements that can ease the birth process.

By the last trimester, you are probably more proficient at the poses and feeling really comfortable in your skin and in the class. Your instructor will make modifications to poses as needed to accommodate the burgeoning abdomen and your comfort.

Prenatal yoga has many benefits for women at all stages of their pregnancy. What you will learn about your body as well as the physical improvements will last far beyond birth.

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