The Secret to A Successful Yoga Routine

The secret to a successful yoga routine is always to start slow and work your way up. Begin by lying on your back with your feet on the floor.

Then bend the right knee slightly to bring the left heel towards the right thigh. Slowly and deliberately, draw your belly in towards your spine, bringing your head, neck, and shoulders into alignment.

To begin your twist, take the right hand on the outside of the left foot and twist the body clockwise so that your right foot is placed under the left knee under the right hip. Slowly but firmly roll your hips back to the starting position. Repeat on the other side.

Moving from standing up to sitting down requires a different style of yoga. Start by bending both knees and legs at the knee. Next, clasp hands behind your head, placing the hands between the eyebrows, as if you are asking for a suggestion.

Slowly pull the left knee towards the right’s shoulders, so that the knee is placed across the left ankle. Draw your ribs down to the waistline, so that the shoulders are arched back.

Place your hips close to the right, and place the left foot on the right. Slowly turn the body to the right, so that the right foot is placed behind the left knee is placed in the right hip. You can also try to change sides so that you are now on your left and are facing the floor.

For the twist, you need to get your hips and feet moving in order to work the muscles. To begin with, take the right foot and put it beside the left foot. The right hand is held behind the head, while the left hand is clasped in the left hand. After revolving the body to the right, you can move the right foot to the left and place the left foot on the right.

Bring the right foot and the left hand back together, so that the back of the head is level with the stomach. Slowly and gently, rotate the body to the left. Again, you can try a variation, which is to take the right foot and place it alongside the left, then bring the left hand to the right and rotate the body clockwise.

These are variations of an upright twist, where the body is raised. A standard twist starts by standing with your hands clasped behind the head. In a standard twist, you must also be able to bend the left knee to allow the right knee to fit through the right hip, so the knees should be aligned.

Practice yoga to relax your body, lift your spirit and soul, and learn to raise your consciousness. This is how you develop your mind and spirit.

Backward bends and twists are only one of the yoga poses that are designed to balance your body weight. The full variety of yoga positions allow you to stretch and strengthen your body in more ways than one.

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